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Hookah Wind Cover FAQ

Too much wind or moving air around your hookah can decrease the overall burn time and heat output of your charcoal when smoking and leads to an overall decrease in the performance of your smoke sessions. But have no fear! Using a hookah wind cover can help you avoid all of these risks! Designed to block wind from directly hitting your coals, wind covers help your charcoal burn longer and more effectively in a variety of situations. If you smoke outdoors or inside where there's a lot of airflow, hookah wind covers are the best accessories to help you get the most out of your smoke sessions.

What size hookah wind cover do I need? 

The size of wind cover that you will need depends on two things: the size of the hookah and hookah bowl that you are using. You need to ensure that your wind cover is both wide enough and tall enough to comfortably sit over the top of your hookah bowl while it is attached to your pipe. To find out the exact dimensions of a specific wind cover or check its compatibility, check out the description or reach out to our friendly customer service team.

How do I use a hookah wind cover? 

To use a wind cover, simply place it gently over top and around the sides of your hookah bowl after your lit hookah charcoal is in place. On most hookahs, the bottom of your wind cover will rest comfortably on your hookah tray. To remove a wind cover, carefully use the handle to lift it straight up from around your bowl and off of your hookah. Be careful when handling your wind cover during, or after, a smoke session as the metal can get extremely hot.

How can I make a hookah wind cover? 

You can make your own temporary wind cover using a sheet of aluminum foil. Simply take your piece of foil and carefully wrap it around the sides of your bowl leaving a significant portion of it above the bowl. You will essentially create a "wall" out of foil around your coals to protect them from the wind. While this can come in handy in a pinch, it may be less efficient than a regular wind cover.

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