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Adalya Shisha Tobacco

After being founded in Turkey in 2003, Adalya hookah tobacco quickly spread across Europe and established themselves as one of the most popular shisha brands on the hookah market. Adalya offers a premium collection of exotic shisha blends that deliver long-lasting, thick clouds of smoke including their Love 66 flavor, Lady Killer, and more. Adalya has become the largest shisha producer in Turkey and can be found in an increasing amount of countries all over the world, including right here on our shelves here at With 50 gram boxes, 250 gram jars, and our famous Super Pack bundles, it's easier than ever to see why hookah smokers around the world consider Adalya tobacco to be one of the best shisha brands available today.

Where is Adalya hookah tobacco made?

All Adalya shisha flavors are crafted in Turkey.

What ingredients are in Adalya shisha?

Adalya hookah tobacco is made using a blend of high-quality Virginia-Leaf tobacco, vegetable glycerin, molasses, and food-safe flavorings. All ingredients are selected to meet strict quality regulations in the European Union.

How do I pack Adalya tobacco?

Adalya shisha is made using blonde, Virginia-Leaf tobacco leaves as a base making it versatile and easy to prepare. It can be smoked out of any hookah bowl, however, we recommend using a phunnel bowl to help trap the liquid flavorings, enhance flavor strength, and improve the life of your smoke session. Use your fingers or a small shisha fork to sprinkle the tobacco loosely into your bowl, stopping when it is level, or just under, your bowl's lip. Adalya smokes best when prepared using a "fluff pack" technique, so don't push your shisha down into your bowl too firmly. 1-2 pieces of quick light charcoal or 2-3 pieces of natural coconut coals spaced evenly around the edge of your bowl should be enough heat to get your bowl ripping.

Does Adalya hookah tobacco contain nicotine?

Yes, Adalya tobacco contains .05 percent nicotine by weight which is standard for most blonde-leaf shisha flavors. Depending on your personal nicotine tolerance, you will experience a mild, manageable head buzz when smoking.





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