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Nirvana Shisha Tobacco

Nirvana Shisha FAQ

The kings of head buzz have returned with a recently reworked flavor formula designed to create smoother puffs and a more vibrant flavor! Nirvana shisha tobacco has long been providing hookah smokers with a powerful buzz made possible only with their masterful infusion of dokha tobacco into their shisha! This nicotine-heavy collection of hookah tobacco offers two different lines, a "blonde" leaf line and a "dark" leaf line. As well as this, Nirvana offers a variety of unique flavors with peculiar names such as Ants In My Head, Schnozzberries, and Andromeda, so you'll have no problem finding your fix; no matter your tastes.

Where is Nirvana shisha made? 

All Nirvana shisha tobacco is manufactured in Kansas in the USA!

What ingredients are in Nirvana?  

Nirvana is crafted using many of the same ingredients as other hookah tobaccos, such as chopped tobacco leaves, honey/molasses, vegetable glycerin, and flavoring, but with one major addition: dokha tobacco!

Does Nirvana shisha contain nicotine? 

Yes, both lines of Nirvana shisha are infused with dokha tobacco and therefore contain a high concentration of nicotine.

What is dokha tobacco? 

Dokha is a popular type of pipe tobacco originating from the Middle East that boasts extremely high levels of nicotine. While normally smoked out of a special pipe called a "medwakh", Nirvana has infused dokha into their shisha flavors to ramp up the nicotine-induced head buzzes.

What is the difference between Nirvana "Super Shisha" and Nirvana "Eclipse"?  

The Super Shisha line is the original collection from the Nirvana brand. Technically considered a "blonde leaf" shisha, the infusion of dokha delivers a strong head buzz. The Eclipse line is Nirvana's entrance into the dark leaf market. A stronger tobacco leaf combined with the dokha infusion creates an extremely high concentration of nicotine that delivers a powerful head buzz. We do not recommend Nirvana Eclipse if you are a beginner or have a sensitivity to nicotine.

What is "dark leaf" shisha?  

Dark leaf shisha flavors are made using dark brown (sometimes black) tobacco leaves that contain a much higher amount of nicotine and deliver a strong tobacco flavor. This results in a more powerful nicotine head buzz when smoking.

How do I pack Nirvana?  

Nirvana Super Shisha performs best when sprinkled loosely into a hookah bowl and is even with the inner bowl lip. For Nirvana Eclipse, we find firmly compacting the tobacco with your thumb (or shisha fork) as you fill your bowl helps the shisha reach peak performance.

Nirvana - Eclipse


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