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Othmani Shisha Tobacco

Othmani Shisha FAQ

If you've had the high-nicotine, dokha-infused Nirvana Super Shisha and Eclipse lines, then you'll be glad to find the same high-quality flavor in Othmani hookah tobacco. But instead of a heavy buzz, Othmani boasts an easy-to-smoke shisha collection for long time, and new, fans. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced smoker, you'll enjoy all of their table classics as well as their new shisha blends. Every hookah product is full of smooth, long-lasting flavor. That's why Othmani tobacco has become a staple amongst hookah fans.

Where is Othmani shisha made?

This hookah tobacco is manufactured in the United States. The brand launched in 2012 and is currently operating as a family-run operation in Kansas. It's made by the same team that produces Nirvana tobacco.

What ingredients are in Othmani?

Othmani tobacco contains chopped Turkish tobacco leaves, vegetable glycerin, molasses, honey, and flavorings. There are plenty of flavors that are sure to satisfy any smoker.

How do I pack Othmani?

You can prepare this tobacco brand in any hookah bowl. Just loosely sprinkle the shisha into your bowl of choice until it's even with the inner bowl lip. Beginners will be glad to find that this brand is especially forgiving when it comes to packing methods. So, you can experience a pleasant smoke session whether you leave the shisha fluffy or push it down for a denser feel.

Does Othmani contain nicotine?

Yes, this shisha tobacco contains .05 percent nicotine, which is the average amount for blonde-leaf tobacco. You may experience a slight head buzz when smoking this brand.

What are the best Othmani tobacco flavors?

Every smoker has their own preference when it comes to different flavor profiles. Thankfully, the Othmani collection covers a variety of choices that would be suitable for your waterpipe. For example, you'll find everything from fruity to mint and even coffee and spice. Some of the best-selling flavors include Izmir Melon, Turkish Coffee, Aegean Spice, and the Star of Al Hamra flavor.

Is Othmani shisha good for beginners?

Yes. Since this shisha has a low nicotine content, it's a great option for every smoker. With natural charcoal and a good-quality phunnel bowl, you'll get a delicious smoke session out of every pouch of Othmani.

How do I start smoking hookah?

If you're interested in trying any of the flavors from the Othmani collection, then you'll first need to find a hookah that fits your style and needs. A lot of the hookahs you'll find on Hookah-Shisha include all of the items you need to get started. You'll also need hookah coals and any additional experience enhancing accessories that appeal to you. Add Othmani to your tobacco lineup and shop for the best shisha on our site.





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