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Othmani Shisha Tobacco

Handcrafted by the same team that brought you the high nicotine, dokha infused Nirvana Super Shisha and Eclipse lines of shisha, Othmani hookah tobacco takes a step away from the buzz to provide this easy to smoke, flavor-forward collection that is loved by both beginners and veterans alike. Long-time Othmani fans will recognize some old-school favorites like Star of Al Hamra, however, they've added some new flavors to their lineup as well! Each pouch of Othmani shisha is full of smooth, long-lasting flavor that will help you find out for yourself why they've remained a longstanding name in the world of hookah.

Where is Othmani shisha made? 

Othmani shisha is manufactured in Kansas in the USA by the same team that produces Nirvana hookah tobacco!

What ingredients are in Othmani? 

Othmani shisha contains chopped tobacco leaves, vegetable glycerin, molasses, and flavorings.

How do I pack Othmani? 

Othmani tobacco can be prepared in any hookah bowl. Just loosely sprinkle the shisha into your bowl of choice until it is even with the inner bowl lip. Othmani is very forgiving when it comes to packing methods, so you can experience a pleasant session whether you leave the shisha fluffy or push it down for a denser feel.

Does Othmani contain nicotine? 

Yes, Othmani contains .05 percent nicotine; the average amount for a blonde leaf hookah tobacco. You may experience a slight head buzz when smoking this shisha.



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