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Pure Shisha Tobacco

Our friends at Pure Tobacco have worked hard over the last several years to produce an American-made brand of shisha tobacco with both a classic and contemporary flavor selection. Crafted using modern techniques and a juicy recipe, the Pure shisha brand provides long-lasting, delicious flavor and impressive clouds of smoke in every bowl. The Pure Tobacco line features mostly classic single-note and dual-note flavors offering plenty of opportunities for you to create your own custom shisha blends!

Where is Pure shisha made? 

Pure Tobacco manufactures shisha in small batches out of their California facility in the USA!

What ingredients are in Pure Tobacco? 

Pure Tobacco shisha is made using some of the highest quality ingredients including Virginia tobacco leaves, vegetable glycerin, honey, and their proprietary single-note and dual-note flavor formulas.

How do I pack Pure hookah tobacco? 

Sprinkle your shisha flavor evenly around your bowl until it is level with the inner edge of the bowl. Pure Tobacco is a blonde leaf shisha so you'll want to make sure the shisha is loosely packed into your bowl to ensure the necessary airflow for optimal performance. Pure Tobacco uses a juicier formula, so we recommend using a phunnel hookah bowl for best results.

Does Pure Tobacco contain nicotine? 

Yes, Pure Tobacco contains the standard .05 percent nicotine that is found in most shisha brands. You can expect a very mild, manageable head buzz during your hookah sessions.

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