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Social Smoke Shisha Tobacco

A truly modern hookah tobacco, Social Smoke has been delivering delicious, unique shisha blends and thick white clouds to hookah sessions for over a decade! Social Smoke hookah tobacco has earned themselves an unshakeable following in Europe with bestselling flavors such as Absolute Zero, Watermelon Chill, Mango Habanero, Pink Lemonade, and more, and their use of golden tobacco with a focus on high-quality flavor blends makes it easy to see why. Offering a broad selection of 50g, 100g, 250g, and 1000g (1 Kg) resealable size options, this easy-to-smoke shisha tobacco offers top-quality hookah sessions to both beginners and experts alike!

Where is Social Smoke shisha made?  

Social Smoke is produced in Dallas, Texas in the USA!

What ingredients are in Social Smoke? 

Social Smoke hookah tobacco contains a blend of golden, Virginia leaf tobacco, honey, food-grade vegetable glycerin, and assorted flavorings.

How do I pack Social Smoke shisha? 

Sprinkle your shisha flavor evenly around your bowl until it is level with the inner edge of the bowl. Social Smoke is a blonde leaf shisha so you'll want to make sure the shisha is loosely packed into your bowl to ensure the necessary airflow for optimal performance. Due to Social Smoke's juicy flavor formula, we recommend using a phunnel hookah bowl for best results.

Does Social Smoke contain nicotine? 

Yes, Social Smoke shisha contains .05 percent nicotine by weight, the typical amount for hookah tobacco. Most smokers experience a very mild head buzz during their smoke sessions.

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