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Starbuzz Vintage Shisha Tobacco

As Starbuzz Tobacco's first appearance in the world of dark leaf shisha, Starbuzz Vintage shisha tobacco provides a totally different experience than what most Starbuzz smokers are used to. Through the use of burley tobacco leaves, they achieve a robust, tobacco-heavy flavor profile that couples beautifully with the intense flavorings chosen to complement this darker leaf. Delivering a stronger than average, but manageable, head buzz, many consider Starbuzz Vintage hookah tobacco to be one of the best introductions to smoking dark leaf.

Where is Starbuzz Vintage shisha made? 

Starbuzz Vintage shisha is manufactured in California in the USA!

What ingredients are in Starbuzz Vintage?  

Starbuzz Vintage shisha contains burley tobacco leaves, honey, vegetable glycerin, and both natural and artificial flavorings.

Does Starbuzz Vintage contain nicotine? 

Yes, Starbuzz Vintage contains a higher than average amount of nicotine due to the use of burley tobacco leaves. You may experience a somewhat stronger head buzz and mild feelings of dizziness during your smoke sessions.

What is "dark leaf" shisha?  

Dark leaf shisha flavors are made using dark brown (sometimes black) burley tobacco leaves that contain a much higher amount of nicotine and deliver stronger notes of tobacco when smoking. Check out our blog to learn more about dark leaf shisha.

How do I pack Starbuzz Vintage? 

Starbuzz Vintage can be prepared using a variety of different packing methods, all with fantastic results. Loosely sprinkle in your shisha for full flavor and thick clouds, or pack it down dense for a longer-lasting, buzzier session. Starbuzz Vintage performs best with 2-3 pieces of natural charcoal or 1-2 pieces of quick light charcoal.

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