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So, just what IS the difference between Egyptian hookahs and Syrian hookahs?

Believe it or not, the difference isn't where they're made. Syrian bases can be made in Egypt, and Egyptian hookahs in Syria; Egyptian and Syrian hookahs can even be produced in China, Europe, and America. Traditionally, one of the factors distinguishing Egyptian from Syrian hookahs was the type of bowl used. Syrian hookahs were one constructed primarily to accept inside-fitting (or "male") bowls, while Egyptian hookahs were constructed for outside-fitting (or "female" bowls). With the increasing popularity of hookahs, Syrian hookahs gradually shifted to accommodate the increasing variety of bowls and accessories designed in the female style, and the distinction between Egyptian and Syrian hookahs shrank. Once outside-fitting bowls became more popular, Syrian styles began incorporating them and the main identifying feature of Syrian hookahs became their fine ornamentation. Syrian1 Whereas some Egyptian hookahs feature painted bases and creative adornment on the shaft, Syrian hookahs often incorporate intricate engraving and highly detailed Syrian basework.  The Egyptian and Syrian hookahs we sell are further distinguished by their composition and production style.  Made entirely of surgical grade stainless steel, the Egyptian hookah shafts are turned on a lathe, whereas many of our Syrian hookahs are cast.  The Syrian hookahs we carry feature an inner brass tube (through which the smoke passes) surrounded by metal of varying compositions that is cast, unlike the lathed Egyptian shafts.    Our Egyptian and Syrian hookahs are constructed exclusively for us, and we oversee all elements of their loving production. Whether you prefer the reliable simplicity of an Egyptian hookah or the attention to detail of Syrian hookahs, enjoy smoking from a hookah style that's survived the test of centuries to please today.

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  • hi im new in all this stuff and i want to buy a hookah but i dont know which one to buy... which one is the best of the best? and also what accesories to buy?
  • Carlos,
    The one you choose by how it looks and what colors matters only to you. and when everything really comes onto one, there is no diffrence by how the 2 diffrent pipes work. the syrian has a little bigger vase, and egyptians bases look more like a tomatoe. in accordance to accecories, you can use roll tinfoil for overing the bowl, poke alot of holes around 15-20 with a sewing needle, measure-take the piece that is in the vase and pull it out. the metal pipe reaches to where you should fill water... use coals that are not flavores. that way you can buy 2 tastes of tavbac. good luck!
  • I have a hookah but I bought it at a mall and I'm not sure what type of grommet to buy and what size will fit also if any type of hose will work?
    • Hi Nicole, we would have to see the hookah in order to tell you what to get. Go ahead and email us a picture at [email protected], and we'll help you out!
  • The difference between an Egyptian and a Syrian is quite simple.  Egyptian's use a solid pipe from the bowl into the vase. Syrians have individually cast parts that screw together to form the stem.  Instead of a single pipe that transfers all the heat into the base, most of the heat is taken away in a Syrian, eliminating the need for ice chillers or any other smoke modifiers.  Due to world politics, a true Syrian hasn't been produced or sold for the last 15 years.
  • Okay, so i gotta hookah from a freind of a freind. the hookah is VERY ornate. brass down to the glass bottom, where is is hand painted with flowers on blue glass. looks badass. here's the thing though, its bowl goes inside the base, not fitting over it. it says ali omari damascus on it, and then something in arabic. I just want to know about the manufactorer. Any ideals anybody?? i look up the makers mark and get nothing. It's a bird by the way.