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Hookah How To: Cleaning a Washable Hookah Hose

This blog was updated on 01/25/2019

A main ingredient of a great hookah smoking session is a freshly cleaned hookah hose.  Here we present easy step-by-step instructions on how to clean a washable hookah hose for the most excellent of smokes!

It is important to note that these instructional steps are only for hookah hoses advertised as "washable" (including the Nammor Hookah Hose and modern silicone hoses such as the Ripper Hose or Aluminum Dream Hose).  Running water through a non-washable hose will damage the inner lining and cause unwanted corrosion and/or rusting.

This is also recommended before you first use a new Nammor Hookah Hose to get out any plastic "new hose" taste!

Step 1:  Fill 'er up! Remove the mouth tip and fill the hose about halfway up with water from a tap.  You can also pour in the water from a pitcher or use purified bottled water if you so desire.

Step 2: Lemon Juice is your friend! We've found that a squeeze of lemon juice mixed with the water is great for neutralizing any odors, as well as giving off a "fresh" scent to your hose.  We've also heard a pinch of baking soda helps as well.  You can also add a squeeze of natural cleaning solution such as Bling!

Step 3: Swish! You're going to want to swish around the water/lemon juice mixture, much like your dentist makes you swish fluoride.  Plug up the ends of the hose with your thumbs to prevent spillage, and do this for at a good solid minute at least.  Pour the water back into the sink and repeat this step as many times as necessary, depending on how dirty the hose is.


Step 4: Swing! After you have poured out the water, there will still be some moisture left in the hose that gravity alone won't get out.  Here's where a little centrifugal force comes in handy (you're going to want to do this outdoors, by the way).  Make sure that your mouth tip is detached from the hose and then grab the hose by the middle and swing it around by your side, which will force out any loose drops of moisture.  You should only have to do this for less than a minute. 

Alternatively, you can also blow air in through one side of your hose to push any excess moisture out through the other end, though this method may take a bit longer than the centrifugal force method listed above.

Step 5: Hang in there! When you feel that you've gotten all of the moisture droplets out from swinging it, blow through the hose one last time to let loose any liquid residue.   Let the hose dry out by hanging it thusly, so that both ends are pointing down letting any leftover dried particles to fall out.

Once the hose is dry, reconnect your mouth tip to the hose and you're ready to fire up that hookah!  Happy smoking!

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  • hey you have shown really nice way to clean Hookah Hookah Hose. I will try to do this.
  • also...be careful not to swing it to hard. I did this and the mouth tip went flying and broke Frown
  • why would you spin it around with the mouthpiece attached? of course it's going to fly off if you do that.
  • it wasnt my Nammor hose...but a washable hose that had the mouthpiece attached permanently. a mya hose i believe i broke.
  • C
    If too cold outside, I blow out the water then hang over the sink for a few minutes. You can get most out this way. Always careful, though, not to let saliva in, and never let the hose kink. I don't know about Namoor hoses, but most will leak if they kink. You can Macgyver a seal, but leaks will ruin an otherwise perfect system (including the hose, pressure valve, bowl, foil, and grommets).
  • I usually just stick my pipe in the end of the hoover
  • I don't have any place to buy these products, and my nammor has a strong taste of plastic!
    Does anybody know how to get rid off this taste with a common product?
  • Just plain water might do the trick. and lemon juice definitely will. If thats not common enough,  dont know what to tell ya...
  • Instead of using the "swing the hose like a cave man" method, try using an air compressor. Works well blowing out particles and somewhat deghosts on a non-washable so it should do the trick blowing out the water droplets out of a washable.
  • So the glued in rubber thing that holds in the mouth piece fell out. only a few months old, so did i just get unlucky?
  • John, you should be able to glue it back in with no problem. It won't effect the performance as long as you get a good seal. Just be sure not to use any odorous or toxic glue, such as superglue or plastic epoxy. Just use some hot glue, and that should do the trick.
  • I have a two part question:

    1 I just got my nammor hookah hose and it has a rip near the end of the handle. It came like that out of the packaging. What should I do?

    2 could I use simple green cleaner to clean the inside of my hose. Like a simple green and water mix?
    • Hi Tony! Please contact our customer service department via phone, chat, or email regarding the rip in your hose. http://www.hookah-shisha.com/store/pc/contact.asp As for your second question, I would probably not put anything in your hose that you would not put on your dishes or something that you would eat/drink out of. Basic baking soda/lemon mixture works great, or even a basic dish soap would work.
  • The lemon juice trick was just the extra boost I needed, thanks! I'm going to try baking soda too, though lemon juice is a natural antibacterial agent, I think baking soda would probably mostly help with odors (think of how we put a box in the fridge to absorb food odors...) I also use my Dyson Digital Slim cordless vac to suck out water, it can handle a small amount of liquid due to the motor casing being separate from the filter case. Then I hang my hoses to dry overnight, though it probably doesn't take that long.