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Hookah Tobacco Review: Fantasia Dragon's Breath Hookah Tobacco

Photo by Jonathan Scott

Hmmm. Let's see. Dragon's Breath? What on earth could this possibly taste like? Hey Fantasia, bonus points for being clever. Since Pitaya isn't exactly in my vocabulary, dragonfruit makes a little more sense. Thanks for writing that on the box, by the way. So, Fantasia Dragon's Breath is supposed to taste like the pitaya, a.k.a. dragonfruit, but how many of us actually know what that tastes like?  Let's load the hookah bowl and find out shall we! According to Fantasia Dragon's Breath, its taste is bitter, earthy, and slightly tart. You may think it tastes like papaya, kiwi, and cactus fruit. There is definitely a lingering bitter aftertaste that is sweet and acidulous. It's somewhat mild in flavor but it's strong enough to enjoy for a good solid hour or so. If you like Fantasia Dragon's Breath hookah tobacco, I recommend trying Fumari Island Papaya, Romman Ivory Coast, Fantasia Cactus Breeze, and Al Tawareg Guava Kuava. Try it for yourself and post your comments below. We'd love to hear from our customers and readers! Happy Smoking!

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  • Hrmm... that is an interesting take on Fantasia Dragon's Breath... to me, it tasted just like that pink bubble tape stuff... the one that came in the plastic roll from back in the day? I thought it was kind of funny, actually, that a dragon would be chewing bubble gum Smile Either way, I enjoyed the flavor...
  • personally, i think they got as close as they could with the new flavor. i recently bought it at our local tobacco store, which DEFINITELY cost more that buying on here. i have tried dragonfruit before, and it is awesomely delicious. the shisha, however, wasnt too accurate. the dragon fruit i tried was a little tart and sweet at the same time. the shisha, however, focused more on the sweetness, while a dragonfruit is more like a tart strawberry with some sweet mango. kind of. its hard to explain, but the jist of it is that the shisha has a great flavor, i would definitely buy more of it, but its not as accurate as id like. its shisha though, if it tastes good why does it have to be accurate? also, i would recommend putting a sweet wine in the bottom. i put in some sutter home white zinfandel and it was wonderful. also, i find that sitting with a glass and smoking is the best way to relax after a long day at work Smile
  • IMO, this is a perfect example of a tropical fruit that other flavors/brands have failed to nail down. There is the extremely sweet initial flavor much like a papaya but with an amazingly accurate tart background that exemplifies exactly what a dragon fruit tastes like. One of my new favorites for sure