Hookah Shisha Podcast - Episode 5 - Now Available

And They Called It An Iron Throne

Hi-Diddily-Ho there neighborino! You are about to embark on an awesome journey with us!

WHO TOOK ALL THE MINT! One of our favorite mint flavors went out of stock this week but we've come up with a plan to enjoy the blend and save money. We'll also talk about a flavor the started out with one recipe but ended up with a completely different taste once it hit the market.

Did someone say WINTER IS COMING? One of us has seen every episode of Game Of Thrones and the other has only seen 3 episode. Will this GOT noob guess the correct fate for beloved characters......probably not but you'll get a laugh.

We're also about to set up a donation page so we can get Sean a new hookah hose.

Fish + Hookah = Contest?

You'll also hear about the one time that we had a hookah with real gold fish! Please do not try this at home.

New episodes will be released every Wednesday!

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What Were We Smoking On This Episode?

Sean's Setup:


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