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How-To Store Hookah Shisha Tobacco & Charcoal

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How-to Store Your Hookah Tobacco And Charcoal

A lot of hookah culture is based on personal choice and experience. You pick which hookah based on size, aesthetics or brand. You might choose your bowls based on trials and tribulations.

There are basics to loading a bowl and heat management, but it's common for those basics to be dialed in to your own liking after setting up your own hookah for the first time.

What about those three or four tins of shisha you've opened to create your own favorite blend? Are you like me where you just tend to leave them in their respective tins with the bags cut open, or are you a collector with more than a couple handfuls of flavors in their own storage containers organized by flavor type?

Have you thought about where you're storing your coals? Do you just cut the flaps off of the box and pick from the top? Are they sitting in your garage in your shisha drawer?

These things are sometimes overlooked, and good'ol science peaks its head in to say hello when your coals aren't lighting right, lasting long or your shisha seems to be losing flavor. Here are some things to consider when storing your supplies.

Keep Your Shisha Tobacco Sealed

There's nothing wrong with keeping your shisha tobacco in the manufacturers' packaging it ships in, and I find myself doing this more than often. It's easy; open the container, pull a little bit for a bowl and close it back up.

This method makes sense if you've got smaller sizes or if you smoke often and tend to use up shisha pretty quick. Most smaller containers/boxes don't seal well for long durations and the interior foil wrappers can get messy.

The best way to keep shisha fresh is to use a resealable bag or container. This is especially helpful when you have larger containers like a 100g or 250g (or that kilo of Double Apple from last year you have on hand just in case - we'll talk about that later).

Putting together this kind of setup is nice because later as you restock your collection you already have containers dedicated for shisha. Not only will you help prolong the life of your shisha but it's also nice to know at a glance what you have and what you're running low on.

Where Should I Store My Shisha Tobacco?

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Shisha is pretty hardy but it is made from natural elements, and just like anything else organic its environment needs to be taken into account when storing. The ideal place to keep your shisha is in a dry, neutral temperature space.

What does that mean? Your shisha is most comfortable in an environment where you would be comfortable; room temperature with low humidity.

Refrigerate after opening? Don't, and definitely don't consider the freezer. Keep the fridge space for your eggs and ice cream

There are no benefits to keeping your shisha in the refrigerator unless the only place you have to keep your hookah supplies is in the garage, and if you have to, keep the cool setting to the least cool option. As far as the freezer goes, it's just a bad idea.