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The best way to blow smoke bubbles. Non-toxic. Light years beyond soap and water.

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Monkey Os allow you to make perfect smoke rings, every time, without years of practice. But they make it so easy, you're going to be craving some new smoke tricks soon.

Monkey Os Monkey Juice is the perfect "solution" for blowing smoke bubbles. Soap and water is fine for ordinary bubbles, but when you're smoking hookah, nothing but the best will do. Monkey Juice is completely non-toxic and specifically formulated to make the biggest, strongest smoke bubbles out there.

Each jar contains 2 ounces of non-toxic liquid with a sweet, lemony smell. A specially formulated sponge perfectly sized to fit your Monkey Os smoke ring blower is included, as well.

How To Use Monkey Juice:

  • Shake well
  • Pour Monkey Juice onto sponge pad
  • Dab Monkey O on sponge and gently blow a bubble
  • Give Monkey O a flick to release bubble

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