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Mya MX2000 Hookah

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34' Solid brass multi-hose hookah, with a removable diffuser and multiple base options. This package includes a mya silicone hose, and a Tangiers phunnel bowl.

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  Fumari Hookah Foil Poker 
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  Kaloud Lotus Plus Heat Management System 
  Mya Hose Grommet 
  Pre-Punched Hookah Foil 50 Pack 
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MYA MX2000 Hookah

Whether you're smoking with a group of friends, or just enjoying a delicious solo session the Mya MX2000 can get the job done. The latest addition to the MYA family is crafted from solid brass, and features their new silicone hose accompanied by a matching Bohemian glass base. This complete package also includes a black Tangiers phunnel bowl and storage box for the hookah shaft components. The base and hose combination are as follow:
  • Dark blue base with blue silicone hose
  • Amber base with brown silicone hose
  • Aqua base with light blue silicone hose
  • Smoke base with grey silicone hose

Features Of The MX2000

This heavyweight contender stands at 34" and gains most of its height from the bubbled design Bohemian glass base. The central hub features 4 air passage ways and this package include 1 hose port and 3 purge valves. If you're hosting a party or just having a friend over, just attach the MYA MX2000 AUTO-SEAL HOSE ADAPTER to any of the 3 available ports by unscrewing the purging valve. The weighted central hub features smooth threading for an easy to lock connection, preventing any leaks within your draw for maximum cloud output. 

If you have the muscle this hookah could be carried by the stem, as the fully threaded lipped base creates a secure connection between the stem and base, just remember to be careful. Each component of the stem can be separated for an ease in travel and cleaning, now you can reach every nook and cranny with a simple untwist. The barrel gauge downstem creates a solid rumble, and if you're looking for a quieter inhale just attach the included diffuser.   

  • One 50g box of premium shisha tobacco
  • One box of natural hookah charcoal
  • Foil Pack
  • Tongs
  • Cleaning brush


Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to order this product
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Overall Feeling: The average rating for Mya MX2000 Hookah is 100 of 100 based on 3 Reviews
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"Love it"
Moe on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 2:34:59 AM

I ordered the mx2000 with 2 heads and the free charcoals/50g tabacoo - I live in Canada and it took two weeks 10 days to receive it - Paid 23 bucks for customs and was amazed by how well wrapped everything was - & of course the customer service was excellent and very professional included free garments!!! Now to the fun part - - - this hookah is amazing, definitely not cheap material and everything fits perfectly - The stem being thick allows so much airflow making a smooth cloudy session - Loved everything about this hookah - The only struggle for me is finding the right amount of water to put into the base, as it smokes well with both too much and not enough water opposed to the other hookahs I own where an inch over the bottom stem does the trick - Definitely a recommendation if your looking for a large hookah -

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"Greatest Multi-hose Hookah I've Ever Had"
Keith Zeller on Tuesday, August 1, 2017 1:40:51 PM

I've owned this hookah for about 4 months and used it almost daily during that period - I've always liked multi-hose hookahs for when I've got a few people sitting around my living room coffee table - This is simply the highest quality multi-hose hookah I've ever come across, it is pure excellence - The base is huge and made of heavy glass and the opening is plenty wide to fit any ice cubes I've come across - The entire stem construction is thick heavy brass - The best part about it is that everything comes apart so it can be thoroughly cleaned with the right diameter brushes - The tray is huge and has saved my carpet a couple times - I've only ever found one drawback to this hookah and that was easy to fix - The Mya auto-seal hose ports that fit this hookah come with plastic ball bearings - I didn't think the plastic ball bearings sealed as well as they should; so I replaced them with ceramic 15/32" ball bearings that fit perfectly and NEVER corrode or stick in the port - This is probably the last hookah I'll ever buy, because I can clean it up like new whenever I want -

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"Best Mya Hookah Ever Made"
James Holiday on Thursday, October 6, 2016 2:11:35 PM

I've had mine for about two weeks now, and this thing is incredible - I have paired it with the Kaloud Lotus and Vitria Bowl, and it has resulted in the best sessions that I have ever had - The draw is really easy, almost effortless because of the ridiculously wide gauge - I know that the follow above commented about it looking cheap, but I was actually very impressed with the look and weight and quality of the materials once I had it in-hand - However, as you guys said, we are all entitledto our opinions I know that many enthusiasts are skeptical of multi-hose hookahs and Myas in general, but this is the best hookah that they have ever made - I purchased the auto-seal adaptors, and the way that they have engineered them makes it next to impossible for them to get stuck, thus eliminating the hassle of maintaining them besides cleaning the threads on occasion - If you haven't gathered, I am very satisfied with my purchase - I am starting to sound like a shill, so I will digress - Haha -

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