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Iroko Wookah Hookah (1 Hose) V2

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Customize your Iroko Wookah V2 hookah with multiple crystal base options and hose colors.

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Our Wookah hookah packages include a Ripper silicone hose.
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Wookah V2 Updates

Quick lock system - it enables quick and convenient mounting the Wookah body to the vase. With just one short movement you can find the perfect match of the two elements.
Ground joint connection - its main feature is to make valves and hose connectors match to the adapters easily without grommets. The pieces can be securely mounted without using additional seals. The construction of the adapters, hose connectors and valves has been changed.
Serial number - new version of Wookah have a unique serial number, which allows to identify each product easily. Serial numbers are placed on the inside of the body and on the stainless steel ring.
Certificate of authenticity - each Wookah comes with the certificate of authenticity which confirms that the product is authentic, has been produced from selected materials and undergone strict quality control.
Cleaning and care instructions - Wookah products are made of natural materials, therefore they need a special treatment. Cleaning and care instructions are presented in the form of a leaflet.

Wookah Iroko Hookah

  • 25" Tall without a bowl
  • Natural Iroko hardwood
  • V2A stainless steel components
  • Wide gauge removable downstem
  • Traditional bowl port
  • Various hand cut crystal base options
  • Includes 1 Ripper silicone hose (your choice of color)
  • Includes 1 Gambit Phunnel bowl (your choice of color)
Have you ever had a spirit trapped in your hookah? The Yoruba group from Africa (an origin of  Iroko wood) believe that a spirit lies within the wood, and the person that cuts the Iroko tree will carry a heavy curse. Wookah takes an eco-friendly approach when sourcing their materials and utilize wood from fallen trees that have passed, also know as reclaimed wood. They're still answering our calls so we're gonna assume that no evil spirits have captured our international friends.

Wookah hookahs are manufactured in Poland, and each stem is inspected after completion to ensure that you receive an amazing work of art. The use of CNC lathe machines achieve flawless stainless components and an interior downstem system that creates an incredible smoke session. The wood grain color and patterns will vary because of the nature of the material.

I-row-Koh Wood

Hailing most commonly from the west side of Africa, these lanky trees display a knotted base with massive green leaves. Iroko naturally varies in color shades depending on the age and conditions of the wood. At the earliest of it's color cycle this wood can display bright golden finish that is closer to yellow than brown. Once the stem is exposed to the environment on a regular basis it will begin to deepen its tone to reddish brown color. Once the wooden body has been finalized it receives a durable sealant coat crafted by Wookah, this seal is designed to withstand the test of time and provide a constant protective layer. Under no circumstance do we recommend soaking your Wookah, just apply a warm cloth to the exterior for spot cleaning. 

Can't Stop The Shine

Stainless steel is a metal that is available at many different levels of quality with varying price points. In order to ensure that you have a hookah to last a lifetime, Wookah uses a high grade V2a stainless-steel for every metal component you see on this hookah. The downstem of each Wookah features the same quality steel, which means your downstem will never suffer from rust or corrosion

The stainless band that separates the crystal from the wood will house your screw-on connection, and this piece spins on like butter. We recommend that you dry off the stainless ring before assembling the shaft to prevent any water from being trapped in the wood. The fine tuned chamber that houses your hose and purge port features a silicone ring to prevent any stripping or over tightening of the thick threads. 

The purge and hose valves on the Wookah Iroko are identical, and the stainless-steel purge is removable. You can move the purge to either port, and it will work just the same. Or take the purge out altogether and turn your Wookah into a two-hose hookah.

Iroko Makes The Clouds

If you're looking for that open gauge smoking experience, it's right here look no further. Wookahs come equipped with a barrel gauge downstem that runs straight down the pipe, and it separates at the central hub for easy cleaning/storage. Our day to day smoking involves several jumps in flavor profiles and these stems have proven to be the greatest defender against ghosted stems. We give the stem a quick rinse with water in between heavy smoke sessions and our next bowl is full of flavor. The wide gauge downstem can produce a nice rumble as the base fills with smoke, but if you want to make it a smoother and quieter session just slap on a diffuser. Any of the diffusers that we carry besides the Sahara Smoke sonic diffuser will work on this stem, but we usually use the silicone version. 

What About The Crystal

With this hookah you're not only getting exceptional quality and uniqueness in the stem, you get it with the base as well! Wookah has multiple base options for you to chose from, each made with heavy duty crystal glass that is handcrafted and ready to rumble! From the blowing of the glass to the etching of the intricate designs, each Wookah base is handmade. The heavy duty crystal glass gives the base a good weight that helps keep the hookah from wobbling or shifting as you smoke. The bottom of each base also has several rubber stoppers to help give the base extra traction and hold on whatever surface it rests.

Accessories for your Wookah Iroko

Not only are you getting this masterpiece of a hookah, we're going to be sending you everything you'll need to get started smoking right away! We'll be providing you with the Ripper Hose, a completely washable, 72" long hookah hose that features heavy-duty, surgical grade silicone tubing, as well as an aluminum handle with ridges to help you grip it.

You have to put your shisha in something, so we'll also be sending you a Gambit phunnel. These bowls feature a wide central spire hole that allows for a smooth smoking experience. These bowls comes in a variety of colors for you to chose from. We're also sending you a bunch of other goodies, check out the full list below.

Free with this Wookah Merbau Hookah:

- Stainless Steel Coal Tray
- Cleaning Brush
- Aluminum Foil
- Hookah Charcoals
- One 50g container of premium select shisha tobacco
- Tongs

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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"Excellent Product"
Karan Patel on Tuesday, June 23, 2020 1:12:44 AM

The hookah is excellent and arrived in superb packaging - Would definitely recommend it -

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