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Fumari Gallivant Hookah Backpack 2021 Edition

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*Updated design now available* Fumari designed hookah carrying backpack, 22" tall with an included base protector.

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Fumari 100g
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Fumari Gallivant Hookah Backpack 2021 Edition

Who's ready to go on an adventure? If you plan on bringing your hookah with you on any quest, you must be prepared otherwise it can lead to a difficult packing situation. The intelligent minds at Fumari must have made a couple headache inducing trips with their hookahs, because what they've designed solves so many of our frustrations. The Gallivant hookah backpack is designed to house everything you'll need for a proper session, which includes the shaft, base, hose, and many more accessories. There's even a front zipper compartment that can easily hold the Fumari 100g pouches, as well as a coal tray area. This is the bag you need for any hookah traveling.

Gallivant Specs:
  • 23" Tall
  • 8.5" Wide
  • 8.5" Deep
  • Removable shoulder strap with a quick clip connection on both ends
  • Included padded base protector
  • Coal tray compartment
  • Multiple pouches and hidden areas

Gallivant Features

Regardless of whether you take a car or plane to your destination, the one piece that requires the most attention is your glass hookah base. In most cases, we wrap it in a towel and send a little prayer of hope, but the Gallivant includes a padded enclosure to house a bell shape or jumbo style base.

The spacious interior is designed with a hookah mindset so you can store tongs, shisha, coals, and anything else you'd wish to carry for the perfect session. Beneath the top handle of the bag you'll find a zipper that allows your hookah shaft to extend through, which is very useful when you use a hookah taller than 23" like the Regal Melech in our video below.

The quilted polyester fabric is easy to clean in a standard washing machine or you can wipe it clean with a cloth on the go.

Fumari Gallivant Video Review

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Overall Feeling: The average rating for Fumari Gallivant Hookah Carrying Bag is 100 of 100 based on 5 Reviews
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"Not perfect, definitely has flaws, but it will work for now -"
Anders on Monday, June 29, 2020 3:40:30 AM

I've been using a heavily padded duffel bag for my hookahs and after 10 years it was time to get a new bag - So I decided to give this a try after seeing a bunch of good reviews, and I have to say that while everyone seems to like it, it definitely did not meet my standards for protection and storage/organization - I prefer medium sized hookahs around 20-24 inches tall and this bag is the perfect size for them - But that's kind of where it pros end, there are a lot of cons for me and there are a few things/changes I wish it had - 1 - The bag is made from polyester - It's not my material of choice for a bag - If I take a hookah with me when I travel I would definitely have a more durable bag made from thick, rugged nylon - 2 - I hate the single strap - Backpack straps would have been a much better and more secure design - 3 - The compartment at the bottom that you put the tray into could be bigger, none of my hookah trays will fit in it - 4 - It definitely could use more pockets, especially on the sides - It has the mesh pockets but then all of that real estate on the sides where you could put some additional pockets 5 - Some of us have hookahs that cost in total over $300 with parts or bases that are irreplaceable if damaged - The interior isn't the best and doesn't offer as much protection and storage as I would like - It's just one big open space with a square padded insert that doesn't attach to anything so it can stay in place - To store your hookah, you need to assemble your stem and base and put it into the bag with the padded insert and there is nothing to keep anything secure - Everything rattles around and there is the huge potential to break your base as well as your bowls - There is also a compartment for a hose and a small pocket in the back that doesn't really have much space - It would be nice to see the bag be a little wider and longer with heavily padded sections to accommodate your base, stem, and bowls as well as an area to store shisha and keep everything secure so nothing moves - Overall, I would give this bag a 2 out of 5 - This is very disappointing to me because this seems like it's the best bag on the market that I've seen - For $45 it's okay and will work for now - I think if I have to get a better bag, I would have to get one custom made - I think Fumari really dropped the ball and could have done a better job -

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"My hookah travel bag?"
Dylan Mcgovern on Thursday, March 19, 2020 4:26:11 PM

I ducking love this thing! I just wish they made it a little taller and an easier way to store my 250kg shisha - I just rubber band them shut which solved majority of the problem - It’s awesome highly recommended it!

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"Perfect ever for an extra tall hookah!"
Mike Morton on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 4:36:18 PM

Fits coals, shisha, hose, trays, bowl, tongs, and our Egyptian khalil mamoon hookah with an ice chamber that is about 32 inches tall - The top of the hookah stem comes out the top of the bag, where there is a zip hole - Its great for taking our hookah to parties!

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"Christmas gift"
Stacy Harris on Tuesday, January 2, 2018 9:51:42 AM

Great product - Perfect for the hookah lover -

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"Fumari Gallivant Hookah Bag"
Salvindar Singh on Monday, June 12, 2017 5:14:55 PM

What is there to say about this bag - Overall great quality with the materials used - The only bad thing that I would have to say about this bag is that the tray compartment is a little bit to small - Also the punches could be a little bit bigger - But as long as you experiment with all of the placement of your hookah accessories you will be good to go - For example i put my tray inside the bag behind the base holder - I keep 3-4 bags for Fumari in the front pouch as well as some pre-cut renyolds HD foil - In the top pouch I keep a HJ flavor saver, oyster fork, a poker, and some mouth tips - There are side pouches which hold some titanium coals on one side and my aviator hose on the other - On the interior I have a HJ boho trumpet style base and behind it is I where I keep the aviator tray doesn't fit in the tray holder 😭 - There is a mesh pouch on the back panel on the interior where I keep the hub of the aviator hookah and 1 HJ trimony bowl - The aviator hookah stem disassembles into 3 pieces which are conveniently stored in the interior side pouch - So as you can see all that I need to grab is a coal warmer but other than that every thing that I need for my session is in one convenient, comfortable, beautiful bag - I would recommend any hookah enthusiast whether beginner or veteran to purchase this bag - And I hope that Fumari takes the few critics and makes a 2 - 0 version a little bit bigger pouches and a little bit bigger overall size - Other than that Fumari hit this product out of the park -

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