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Japanese Yuzu Social Smoke Staff Pick

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"Has anyone been to Japan or heard of a Yuzu?"

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Japanese Yuzu Reviewed By SmokeorPASS

MMMMMMMMM delicious! Ladies and gentlemen you are now checking out one of my favorite lemon flavors in our inventory and the world. I immediately hopped on wiki after I received the email about a upcoming shipment featuring a new flavor called Japanese Yuzu.

Yuzu is a citrus fruit that looks like a grapefruit but the skin looks more wrinkled, and it's so bitter people normally don't eat it as a fruit. It was no surprise to me that this fruit has deep roots within the Japanese culture, but the tart treat actually originated in China and Tibet.

This fruit was brought to Japan and Korea during the Tang Dynasty and it was met with creative enthusiasm. In Japan they use Yuzu in combination with honey to create a syrup for tea and alcoholic beverages.


Enough with the Wiki facts, let's get to the shisha. Once you open this jar up you're instantly greeted with a wave of tart lemon with a warm sweetness. The sweet scent in my opinion is honey and with a splash of grapefruit this combination instantly becomes a new experience.

I believe they were going after the syrup taste from Japan and decided to throw it in the title as well. Social Smoke does deliver some real tartness in this blend but it's a flavor that I personally enjoy by itself. The honey component saves you from making a pucker face.

TLDR: It's like a tart honey lemon.

Another Wiki fact: During the winter solisctice in Japan, individuals will float whole yuzu fruits in their hot baths to release the fragrant scent. Other people slice them in half and let the citrus juices flow into their water. The bath is called Yuzuyu or Yuzuburo and it helps with relaxation, treating rough skin and safe guarding against colds.

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"Not bad"
Zachary Peacock on Friday, May 17, 2019 8:40:25 PM

Defintely a good pick for the grapefruit flavor - Ive tried a few grapefruit and this one along with al fahker's grapefruit mint is one of the best -

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