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Pharaoh`s Quicklight Coconut Coals 35mm Box (100 Pieces)

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Configure: Pharaoh's Quicklight Coconut Coals 35mm Box (100 Pieces)

A 100 piece box of Pharaoh's 35mm coconut quick light hookah charcoal.

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Pharaoh's Quick Light Coconut Charcoal 35mm

Pharaoh's quick light hookah coals are made of high quality natural coconut husks. Each coal will be coated with an accelerant allowing them to be lit with a typical flame lighter, perfect for those not wanting or able to use a charcoal burner to light natural coals.

These Pharaoh's charcoals are 35mm in size and are easy to light, getting your hookah puffing in no time! As mentioned, these coals are made with natural materials primarily consisting of compressed coconut husks!

Each box will contain 10 rolls of charcoal for a total of 100 pieces.

How To Use Pharaoh's Quick Light Coals

Light each quick light coal over an open flame - Never on a stove top - and take several minutes to let the coal fully light. Once your coal is glowing red/orange all over, then you are good to smoke! Place those fully lit coals on your bowl and get to puffin'!

Note: You must be 21 years of age to purchase this product

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"Tricky coal, not exactly for a first timer"
Braxton Hutchins on Friday, June 12, 2020 12:41:53 PM

Pretty awesome coals, they have a nice wide surface radius and the hole in the middle is pretty ideal for the right session - I personally had to trial and error what worked best - For a standard bowl it'll do the job but the 38mm size is kinda big if you have your standard bowl set up on a smaller hookah - Smoke can get hot if you aren't careful - It wasn't until I put one of these things on my Tangiers medium bowl, and used it as a single coal to "roll" around the center that I fell in love with it - And being the lazy person I am heat management with my Tangiers bowl has always been an issue cause I use quick lights almost exclusively - - The 38mm diameter is near perfect for a 1 coal session, and carefully managed, you can completely section your bowl in to like 3rds or even 4ths per 1 coal - You can run roughly 1 - 5-2hrs out of them, and Coconut has always been my choice in coal

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