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Starbuzz USA Atlantis Short Hookah Stem

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Configure: Starbuzz Atlantis Short All-USA Hookah stem

All American made Starbuzz Atlantis Short hookah shaft, featuring aero-space aluminum and surgical grade steel parts.

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Starbuzz Atlantis Short Hookah Stem

  • 24" Stem made from surgical-grade stainless steel
  • Included anodized hookah tray
  • Easily customizable with a variety of accessories
Starbuzz's new hookah stems are bringing hookah smoking into the 21st century with style. Just like the original version, the Starbuzz Atlantis Short is made of expertly engineered materials, utilizing high-tech CNC machining to create a sophisticated and highly functional hookah pipe.

Besides being bold and stylish, Starbuzz stems are going to last. The anodized aluminum finish means you won't ever have to worry about corrosion (with proper maintenance). In fact, Starbuzz American hookah shafts are so special they each feature their own serial number, a tribute to the hand-care and quality that goes into each unit.

The hubs are unique too, and (unlike their Chinese-made counterparts) share no common chambers. One benefit of this is that you cannot blow out the purge port ball-bearing. Also, the purge port and hose port easily screw in, and are anodized/painted to match the stem.

Perhaps the finest feature of the Starbuzz USA-Made hookah stem is the surgical grade down-stem. Made using the highest-grade steel, the Starbuzz down-stem is completely resistant to ghosting. While we always recommend thoroughly scrubbing/cleaning your hookah in between every 1-2 sessions, that isn't fully necessary with these Starbuzz USA stems. Want to change flavors? All you'll need to do is rinse out the stem, no scrubbing necessary. This super-clean smoke system also produces some amazingly big clouds.

Even the tray is unique and innovative. The anodizing prevents your tray from becoming burnt and discolored, and the grooves will keep your charcoal from rolling around.

How To Turn This Hookah Stem Into A Custom Starbuzz Hookah

The Starbuzz Atlantis hookah stem is compatible with a wide variety of existing hookah hoses, bowls, and bases that you may already own, but you can also create your own custom Starbuzz hookah by adding a base, bowl, and hose from the drop down menus above. We have tested these components with the Starbuzz Atlantis stem and each is guaranteed to be compatible.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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