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HookahJohn Disposable Hookah Hose

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Get the cleanest flavor from your sessions every time with the HookahJohn disposable hoses.

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HookahJohn Disposable Hookah Hose

  • Total Length: 72"
  • Handle Length: 12"
  • Completely washable
  • Color may vary
2020 taught the world a strong lesson in cleanliness and hygiene, and the HookahJohn disposable hookah hose takes that lesson to heart! Measuring at 72 inches long, this disposable hose was originally designed to be a single-use option for lounges, however the benefits of a disposable hose can easily be seen in an "at home" environment.

Consisting of a lightweight, plastic hose tubing and handle, these hoses are completely washable, meaning you can extend their life through washing them after each session. On average, we find that these hoses can go for 3-4 sessions before needing replaced if not attempting to dedicate it to a specific flavor.

The 12 inch long plastic handle provides a smooth draw and the plastic tubing insures airtight seals around the handle and heel tip, allowing for some serious thunderclouds.

These hoses are inexpensive compared to some of the other hookah hose options out there making it a lot easier to stock up and buy in "bulk". If buying several, you can actually dedicate specific tobacco flavors to each of your hoses, making the shisha more intense over time.

Need a specific hose for your mint flavors? Or your double apple? Maybe your favorite chocolate flavor? Look no further! These HookahJohn disposable hoses make it easier than ever to have a hose for every occasion.

For added cleanliness, we recommend using these hoses with the Black Diamond Dual Sided hookah mouth-tips.

Cleaning Your Hose

As mentioned previously, these hoses are completely washable so if you're starting to notice some residue or unwanted flavor ghosting, just give this hose a quick rinse with some hot water to make it nice and fresh for your next session. If there are some more difficult flavors to get out of the hose, add a little bit of lemon juice during the cleaning process to make those unwanted flavors a thing of the past.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product

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