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Adalya Shisha Tobacco 50g

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50g box of Adalya Tobacco. Made in Turkey.

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Adalya Shisha Tobacco 50g

Everyone give an official welcome to Adalya Tobacco's premium collection of shisha flavors! This flavored hookah tobacco is manufactured in Turkey and, after gaining popularity in Europe, has made its way to our shelves in Texas! Including world famous shisha flavors such as Love 66, Lady Killer, Blue Dragon, and more, Adalya's proprietary shisha formula delivers thick clouds of smoke and long lasting flavor with ease.

Adalya shisha flavors are made using a Virginia-Leaf, blonde tobacco that contains a .05 percent nicotine content. This, combined with their great tasting flavors, means Adalya can be enjoyed by beginners and hookah enthusiasts alike. Other ingredients include molasses, vegetable glycerin, and Adalya's secret flavoring blends.

Each Adalya flavor arrives vacuum sealed (to lock in freshness) in a 50 gram box. Each 50g box will contain enough shisha for 2-3 hookah sessions*.

*Depending on how you pack

How To Pack Adalya Shisha Tobacco

Adalya is a versatile, easy to prepare tobacco that can be packed in any hookah bowl, however we recommend using a phunnel style hookah bowl (such as the Bishop Bowl) to help trap the flavor juices, enhance flavor strength, and improve the overall longevity of your session.

To pack Adalya, use your fingers or a small shisha fork to sprinkle the tobacco loosely into your bowl, evenly filling it up to the inner lip of the bowl. You will want to make sure the shisha in your bowl remains "fluffy" and is not densely packed down. Adalya achieves optimal clouds and flavor using this "fluff pack" method as proper airflow is necessary for this shisha to smoke properly.

Adalya works wonderfully with both standard foil or a heat management device. We recommend using 2-3 pieces of natural hookah coals or 1-2 pieces of quick light coals to smoke Adalya, depending on the size of your bowl.

Adalya Shisha Flavor Descriptions

  • Angel Lips - A sweet blend of blackberry, watermelon, and mint
  • Baku Nights - A fruit cocktail flavor with an infusion of cooling mint
  • Berlin Nights - The taste of natural peach with a minty exhale
  • Blue Dragon - Undertones of menthol with the exotic flavor of Dragon Fruit
  • Blue MLN - Smooth, subtly sweet melon mixed with cool menthol
  • Blue Orange - Sweet blueberry and citrus orange
  • Blueberrys - A delicious twist on the classic flavor of blueberry mint!
  • Delons - Twice the melons and a pinch of mint
  • Exagelado - Great tasting grape, citrus lemon with a subtle sourness, and minty menthol
  • Hawaii - A tropical blend of mango and pineapple complemented with refreshing mint
  • JK777 - The acai berry, sweet grape, and smooth mint make up this blend
  • Lady Killer - A well known blend of mango, melon, mixed berries, and mint
  • Love 66 - Passion fruit, watermelon, and cooling mint create this world famous shisha flavor
  • Madagascar Nights - The exotic sweetness of the Lychee fruit mixed with mint
  • Mi Amor - Pineapple, banana, and mint come together to create this unique twist on the tropics
  • Mint - A refreshingly cool mint shisha
  • Skyfall - A candy sweet blend of peach, watermelon, and mint
  • Strawberry Splash - It's like a strawberry banana smoothie made with fresh mint leaves!
  • The Two Apples - Adalya's take on the classic flavor of double apple with strong notes of anise (licorice)
  • Watermelon - A candied watermelon shisha that's on the sweet side
Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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