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AO Bazooka Hose Tip from Germany

SKU: BTO-IcehoseTip-AO-Bazooka

AO Hookah ICE Bazooka 2.0

✓ ICE ICE BABY - The AO Ice Bazooka guarantees cool hookah enjoyment even in tropical temperatures.

✓ COOL SMOKE SESSION - Thanks to the integrated gel battery, you can inhale cooled and mild air for up to one hour with each puff of smoke.

✓ PERFECT FOR SUMMER - Due to the cooled air, the Ice Bazooka is a MUST-HAVE for hookah lovers, especially in summer.

✓ EASY CLEANING - The Bazooka consists of two screwable halves, which makes cleaning extremely easy.

✓ UNCOMPLICATED - A standard hose with 11mm inner diameter can be used without any problems.

The AO Ice Bazooka is the perfect hookah mouthpiece for hot summer days. Because even at tropical temperatures it guarantees a cool shisha enjoyment. For this, only the cooling battery must be placed in the freezer for at least one hour and the refreshing session can start. By cold of the accumulator each smoke train is cooled and softened. The Ice Bazooka consists of two screwable halves that contain cooling batteries and is simply plugged onto a standard silicone hose with 11mm inner diameter.


Total length: 33.0 cm

Diameter widest part: 5,4 cm

Included in the package:

- 1 x Ice Bazooka mouthpiece

- 1 x ice pack

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