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AO Bazooka Hose Tip from Germany

SKU: BTO-IcehoseTip-AO-Bazooka

You don't need mint shisha to get a chillingly smooth hookah smoke when you have an AO Bazooka handle/mouthpiece! The exterior unthreads into two pieces for easy cleaning, and inside is one freezable "ice capsule". Prior to smoking, put the "ice capsule" in your freezer until frozen. Once you've gotten your hookah set up and your capsule frozen enjoy smooth, cool smoke for the entire time you're smoking!

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Cool down any type of shisha with the AO Bazooka handle/mouthpiece! 

Completely taken apart, the AO Bazooka is three simple pieces. The exterior is made up of two individual, threaded pieces, and the inside is one, large freezable "ice capsule". Before use, place the "ice capsule" in a freezer until solid for best performance. After you have your bowl loaded and hookah set up, place the frozen "ice capsule" inside the two exterior pieces and thread them together to complete the set up. Connect this entire unit onto any silicone tubing hookah hose and get chillingly cool smoke for the duration of your hookah session!

- AO Bazooka handle/mouthpiece = 13"

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