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AO Silicone Glass Bowl from Germany

SKU: BTO-Bowl-AO-Silicone-Glass

AO Glass Silicone Tunnel Black

✓ SECURE HOLD LIP - The incorporated groove guarantees that the Kaloud Lotus I, I+ as well as 2 as well as other matching HMDs have a firm grip and thus the coals won't slip or fall off.

✓ HIGH-QUALITY PROCESSING - In the processing of the phunnel, attention is paid to high-quality silicone. The glass is particularly thick-walled and guarantees taste neutrality.

✓ EASY TO CLEAN - The AO Glass Silicone Phunnel Black is easy to clean thanks to the processed materials. Clean with running water.

✓ GOOD HEAT DISTRIBUTION - Thanks to the thick-walled glass, the heat is distributed evenly in the head and guarantees longer heat retention than with thin-walled glass heads.

The AO glass silicone phunnel combines high quality design with functionality. It is suitable to smoke the glass tunnel with a Kaloud Lotus I, I+ as well as 2, since the head was specially designed according to the dimensions of these smokeboxes. Of course, the AO can also be smoked with all other matching HMDs. The glass top has particularly thick walls, so that the heat is distributed better and can be stored for a longer period. Thanks to the silicone stem, a grommet seal is unnecessary and yet the head sits firmly and securely on the head adapter. The AO glass silicone tunnel has a large tobacco depot, so nothing stands in the way of a long smoking fun. Cleaning is also easy, as only a little water is needed for this.


- Height: approx. 10cm

- Inner diameter: about 7.1cm

- Fold width: approx. 3mm

- Fold depth: approx. 4mm

- Outer diameter: approx. 8cm

- Head depth: approx. 1,5cm

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