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Blueberry Encore Al Fakher Custom Shisha Mix

SKU: BTO-AF-CustomMix-10

If you thought one mint was enough, after a few crowd chants, a second mint comes out for the encore! In this combo you'll taste a sweet blueberry backed by a tart note to make the berry POP. The Vanilla ties a beautiful bow on the mix and as you exhale it's nice and cool.

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Blueberry Encore Al Fakher Custom Shisha Mix

When it comes to mixing this last blend, we want you to have fun! Mix the Lemon Mint and Vanilla before adding Blueberry? Sure, go for it, or just mix the Blueberry and Lemon with a sprinkle of Vanilla on top.


As long as you have these 3 flavors in your bowl it's going to be a tasty session; worthy of an encore.

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