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BYO HD Charcoal Heater


There are several features that undoubtedly set this apart from the more "standard" coal burners, however most notably is it's size. "HD" (Heavy Duty) is not just a name, as this burner can accommodate up to 20 pieces of natural hookah charcoal at the same time! Now you and 5 of your closest friends can all light coals at the same time!

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BYO HD Charcoal Burner

In addition to the insane coal capacity, the BYO HD burner includes it's own set of tongs that also acts as a handle for the burner! A heat resistant handle with clips at the opposite end allows you to always have a dedicated set next of tongs to your burner, ready when you need them.


You'll also notice that the charcoal don't sit directly on the "coils" as most coal burners are designed. Instead, you'll see a silver metal "grate" or "grill" that elevates your charcoal and keeps them off of the direct coils. This provides additional airflow to the undersides of your charcoal, as well as extending the longevity of the actual burner coils themselves.


Remember those tong/clips from earlier? They'll clip into this metal grate and act as a "handle" for the burner, allowing you to remove or transfer the hot grill.


This burner may look different than your typical coil burner, however it operates much the same! Just turn the dial to the highest position, and apply your natural hookah charcoal to the top of the silver grill.


Leave your charcoal on the burner until they become fully lit (flipping when necessary), and apply them on/in your foil or heat management device.

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