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BYO Midori Multi Hose Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Multi-Amira-Midori

The BYO Midori is enough hookah for you and a friend, so why not have an extra hose? This 2 hose upgrade package provides you with the slender Midori hookah in your choice of color. We'll throw in a hose adapter designed to fit with this model and we'll also have an extra hose in the box for your future guests.

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BYO Midori 2 Hose Hookah 

The BYO Midori hookah may look a lot taller than it's counterpart Osaka, but it only stands a 1/2" taller at 24 inches. This second entry in the wooden shaft section from BYO features a small partition at the center point, with beautiful curves and colors around it. These Amira hookahs will arrive with a matching hose handle to the wood choice and trumpet style base that features a slick design.

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