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Deep Red Al Fakher Custom Shisha Mix

SKU: BTO-AF-CustomMix-04

The red berries may not be everyone's favorite but for the Cherry fans, us included, this mix is delicious. When you see the words "Grenadine" you might think of the red syrup mixer for alcoholic beverages, Michael Scott, or a fancier way to say Grenade. See the answer below....

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Deep Red Al Fakher Custom Shisha Mix

The Al Fakher box for their Grenadine depicts a juicy pomegranate fruit and that's exactly what your taste buds will receive. In this mix the slightly tart Pomegranate can be blended with cherry before you place the tobacco in your bowl, or you can mix it with mint and leave the cherry on top. The mint is just If you really want a punch of red go ahead and drop the mint from the equation.

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