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Eternal Smoke Shisha Tobacco 1000g

SKU: BTO-Eternal-1000g

Eternal Smoke, Inc. is a premium hookah tobacco and shisha distributor with unique, authentic flavors and finely chopped hookah tobacco. Based out of Orlando Florida, their diverse team of extraordinary individuals bring together their experience and wide-ranging ideas to create a brand like no other. Sit down and cool down with their refreshing tastes of the COOL series, or fall in love with their most romantic flavors in the ROMANTIC series, or enjoy the sweet, tangy and citrus flavors to energize your senses in the MIX series.

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Eternal Smoke Tobacco 1000g Flavors

For the dedicated fans of Eternal Smoke! You can find all of their unique shisha blends sealed in an air-tight pouch in a reusable tub. The 1000g size is perfect for that favorite flavor you don’t want to run out of, or it’s also great to share your favorite flavor with friends! Enjoy multiple sessions of this premium, blonde leaf shisha in this size!



Eternal Smoke Flavor Descriptions

Aloha Nights - Tangy, mixed berries with plum and a hint of mint
Blue Lit - Fresh blueberries with frosty, chilling mint
Caribbean Nights - A sweet and tangy mix of citrus fruits including peach, lemon, and grapefruit
Chilled Wine - Mixed grape with sweet and refreshing mint
Dark Bean - Rich, earthy espresso 
Dolce Banana - Think of banana pudding - sweet banana with a creamy finish
Houdini's Secret - Sweet guava, juicy melon, and rose with a hint of mint
Intense Pieces - Perfectly ripe fig mixed with fresh blueberries and icy mint
Lemon Lit - Zesty lemon and refreshingly cold mint
Lime Lit - Sweet, citrusy lime with an arctic cold mint
Milkin Cookies - One of Eternal Smokes most popular flavors. This tastes just like freshly baked, warm cookies with a creamy finish.
Peach Lit - Fresh and sweet peach with icy cold mint
Pistachio Kiss - A true pistachio flavor that brings a creamy, nutty flavor that's sweet as well. Just like the ice cream. 
Red Lips - Summer strawberries mixed into a creamy milkshake
Smoothie Sunshine - Fresh strawberries, sweet mango, and tropical pineapple
Tropical Ball - A cocktail blend with sweet tropical fruit
Watermelon Lit - Refreshing and sweet watermelon with icy mint

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