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Full Moon Citrus Circuit Custom Shisha Mix

SKU: BTO-Mix-Mazaya-Moon

Enter the realm of "Full Moon Citrus Circuit" – an offering from the masters at Mazaya. This captivating concoction will entrance your senses and elevate your shisha experience, ushering you into a world of citrusy delights.

Mazaya's renowned "Lemon Mint" blend takes center stage, a sweet and citrusy masterpiece known for its enduring flavor and a refreshing touch that makes you the unrivaled hose hog. Sharing the hose becomes even harder when you get this mix fired up properly. Meet the second luminary, "Four Seasons," a medley of citrus sensations featuring the zesty lime, the enticing orange zest, the vibrant lemon, and the exhilarating grapefruit. It's a symphony of citrus that harmonizes perfectly under the full moon's glow.

With "Full Moon Citrus Circuit," you have the creative freedom to prepare this blend in a 50:50 ratio, yet the real magic begins when you tinker with varying ratios. This invites you to curate a shisha experience that's as unique as the moonlit night itself. Did you catch the eclipse?

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