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Fumari Shisha Mix & Match Kilo (10 X 100g)

SKU: BTO-FUM-100-Pouch-X10

Now we're talking! This is your chance to create your own custom kilo size of Fumari hookah tobacco. Just select your 10 favorite Fumari shisha flavors and you'll enjoy great flavors while saving money. You can stock up on your favorite blends or put together a bundle of new experiences. Fumari fans this is the shisha bundle for you.

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Fumari Shisha Tobacco 10x 100g Super Pack

This is how you stock up on Fumari the right way! Our 10 pack bundle is perfect for taste explorers and Fumari fans all around. Fumari shisha comes packaged in a resealable pouch that ensures that your Fumari tobacco will arrive fresh and stay fresh. Their most popular flavors include Blueberry Muffin, Ambrosia, and Orange Cream.


Fumari Hookah Tobacco is world famous for its "Strikingly Fresh" flavors. We have to agree that the unique packaging locks in the flavor. Each pouch holds 1000 grams of shisha tobacco, which will yield approximately 60+ hookah sessions, depending on your bowl and packing method.


Fumari Flavor Descriptions
Aloha Mango - Say hello to a delicious wave of sweet tropical mango

Ambrosia - A sweet, melon flavor with subtle notes of citrus

Banana Custard - The classic dessert flavor of ripe banana and creamy custard is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Blueberry Muffin - Much like the popular breakfast pastry, this shisha tobacco contains the sweet, yet savory flavors of a muffin coupled with the sweet taste of blueberries
Caribbean Colada - Sweet pineapple blended with creamy coconut
Citrus Mint - A citrus blend coupled with a smooth, cooling mint
Citrus Tea - The earthy flavors of tea mixed with the sweet flavors of citrus fruits
Double Apple - A modern twist on the traditional double apple, this flavor will contains notes of anise combined with a sweet apple flavor
French Vanilla - A sweet and creamy vanilla flavor
Guava - A highly praised, mellow and smooth tropical guava flavor
Island Papaya - One of the most tropical flavors we have tried, Island Papaya offers up flavors of the papaya fruit
Lemon Loaf - Refreshing sensation of vanilla icing and zingy lemon cake will keep you wanting more.
Lemon Mint - A classic flavor profile, the sweet, yet tart, flavor of lemon is combined with the smooth cooling effects of mint
Limoncello - Based off of the famous Italian liqueur, Limoncello offers up all the sweetness of a lemon drop candy without the tartness of natural lemons
Mandarin Zest - Mandarin Zest combines the natural flavors of orange zest with just a hint of creaminess to smooth out the flavor
Mimosa - Get ready for Brunch! Fumari's Mimosa flavor combines the sweet orange citrus with just a touch of champagne flavor
Mint - As simple as it gets, a cooling, natural mint flavor
Mint Chocolate Chill - An office favorite, Mint Chocolate Chill combines the sweet, creamy flavor of chocolate with a cooling mint undertone
Mochaccino - Bold roasted coffee with the sweetness of cocoa, this flavor will pair perfectly with your morning cup of java
Mojito Mojo - A fantastic summertime flavor, Mojito Mojo combines fresh lime with the undertones of spiced rum to replicate the popular drink
Orange Cream - A sweet orange flavor combined with the creaminess of vanilla creates this unique blend
Purple Grape - Bold concord grape flavor, think of your favorite grape juice
Prickly Pear - Another name for the cactus flower, Prickly Pear gives off a mango and citrus flavor blend
R.G.B. - One of the most popular candies on the market, RGB offers up the delicious cherry/raspberry fruit blend in smoke form
Sour Cherry - Sweet and tart cherry blend
Spiced Chai - A fan favorite, Spiced Chai combines cinnamon, nutmeg, and chai tea with a touch of creaminess to create this flavor

Summer Sorbetto - Cool down with a scoop of this rich and sweet tropical flavor in your bowl. It's summer somewhere!
Sweet Mint - A refreshing spearmint, you'll experience a sweet, cooling effect with this flavor
Tangelo - Based off of the hybrid fruit, Tangelo offers up the sweetness of tangerine with the tartness of grapefruit
Tropical Punch - This flavor is just like the popular fruit drink!
Watermelon - It's a sweet watermelon flavor!
W.G.B. - Another recreation of popular candy, WGB is predominantly a pineapple flavor, with subtle hints of a fruit blend
White Peach - Tastes just like a juicy southern peach!

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