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Haze Suga Mint Shisha Tobacco

SKU: BTO-Haze-SugaMint

Haze has really figured out how to make exceptionally delicious mint flavors (Sinful Mint, What-A-Mint, Subzero, etc.) and Suga Mint is no exception. Less of an "ice cold" mint that blasts your tastebuds with cold smoke, Suga Mint takes a smoother, sweeter approach to the flavor, resulting in a "sweet mint" that is more mild and relaxed.

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Haze Suga Mint Hookah Tobacco

Haze Tobacco uses some of the finest ingredients to make its premium hookah tobacco and each handcrafted blend sends you on a tasty journey, full of unique, delightful flavors and huge fluffy clouds. You'll want to try each and every one of Haze's juicy shisha flavor creations. Haze Shisha comes in convenient storage jars, making it much easier to store all your favorite Haze tobacco flavors all in one place. Available in 250g and 1000g on select flavor options. .

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