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HS Works Al Fakher Custom Shisha Mix

SKU: BTO-AF-CustomMix-02

For fans of aromatic scents that may cause wildlife animals to come out and join you in a cheerful song, we present "Hookah & Shisha Works" (insert trademark). Once this mix is smoking, you might have small flashbacks to department store candle sections, as you take a stroll smelling all the citrus and floral notes.

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H-S Works Al Fakher Custom Shisha Mix

Let's break down what you need to do for this amazing shisha mix. We like to use a larger blended amount of Lemon and Jasmine, while layering the Rose around the bowl in different areas. Rose can over-power the Jasmine so use it wisely, unless you really like ROSE. It's that easy, you'll be a mix master in no time.

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