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Invi Paradox Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-INVI-Paradox

INVI Paradox V2 Stainless Steel Edition

✓ COMPLETE SHISHA SET- The INVI Paradox V2 is fully equipped from the head set to the diffuser.

✓ 18/8 GRINDING- The two-piece head adapter has an 18/8 grinding. This allows an optionally available molasses trap to be used.

✓ WITH DIFFUSOR- The water tube comes with a removable diffuser. This reduces vibrations and reduces noise.

✓ ROBUST STAINLESS STEEL - Stainless steel is durable, rustproof and tasteless.

✓ ADAPTABLE TO TWO HOSES - The shisha has two hose connection options and can be upgraded if needed (see below for required accessories).

Total height

- With sound head and chimney top: approx. 49cm

- Without sound head: ca. 36cm

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Invi Paradox Hookah from Germany

The INVI Paradox V2 Stainless Steel Gun Metal is a high-quality hookah that will provide real steam in your living room. The features of this hookah are the adjustable diffuser and the hose adapter, which is equipped with a shortened 18/8 grind. So that you do not burn your fingers on the final straight when putting on coal, a stainless steel coal tongs is still included.

With the following accessories, the hookah can also be smoked with two hoses: hose adapter, hose connector, hose, mouthpiece. The included 18/8 short ground joint adapter cannot accommodate a valve ball! When upgrading to 2S, please order two corresponding hose adapters as well.

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