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Invi Reflection Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-INVI-Reflection

INVI Reflection Stainless Steel ALL IN Set

✓ UNPACK AND SMOKE AWAY - A hose set, chimney head set, charcoal lighter and bowl dye: everything is already included in this complete set!

✓ SHARING IS CARING - The water pipe from the house of INVI has four hose connections and is therefore perfect for an extensive smoking session with your loved ones.

✓ DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL PARTS - Extremely durable and high quality V2A stainless steel parts in a classy appearance.

Total height Shisha:

- without tobacco head: approx. 44 cm

- with tobacco head and chimney top: approx. 57 cm

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Invi Reflection Hookah from Germany

Put on the coals, unpack the hookah and you can enjoy your new shisha. Because the INVI Reflexion stainless steel has already included everything needed for a relaxed smoking session. The beautifully shaped bowl has a firm and secure stand, which is why nothing knocks it over so quickly. The stainless steel water tube can be shortened from about 18.4cm to 15.5cm and the diffuser can be unscrewed. It reduces vibration and reduces the ""bubbling noise"", which can be annoying during a cozy TV evening. Smoke pipe and base as well as the charcoal plate are made of high-quality V2A stainless steel, which guarantees a long service life and a noble appearance. The pipe can be completely disassembled and is therefore easy to clean. The chimney attachment ensures optimal heat distribution in the included natural clay tobacco head, facilitates the head construction and lets you perfectly regulate the temperature of your tobacco. Hose adapter and connections have 18/8 grind, the quasi-standard for shishas. Thus, no additional seal is needed to connect the hose. The end is a silicone soft-touch hose, whose matte surface perfectly matches the shisha itself and on which dirt and lint are hardly visible. Four hose adapters including connectors are already included, but if you want to enjoy an extensive smoking session with your friends, you can find the matching mouthpieces here. The Non Sticky Technology (NST), which is used in the hose connection, allows easy attachment as well as detachment of the silicone hose. The recesses there give the hose additional support and prevent annoying sticking. So that you do not burn your fingers on the final straight when putting on the charcoal, a stainless steel charcoal tongs is included in the delivery.

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