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Isfahani Hookah Tobacco

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Isfahani hookah tobacco is pure, unwashed tobacco leaves that can be smoked in a bowl or with a "leaf wrap" method. There are no additional flavoring ingredients or glycerin used. Isfahani hookah tobacco is recommended for experienced hookah smokers or those who have a high nicotine tolerance.

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Discover a Different Hookah Smoking Experience with Isfahani

Isfahani is an unwashed, condensed pack of tobacco leaves that are prepared and smoked in a very traditional way that brings you closer to the origins of hookah.

Because Isfahani is pure tobacco without any additional flavorings or glycerin it does contain a high amount of nicotine compared to other modern shisha tobacco options that you may be familiar with. For this reason it is recommended that Isfahani be used by experienced hookah smokers and/or those who have a higher tolerance for nicotine.

How to Smoke Isfahani Tobacco

There are two methods to use when smoking Isfahani shisha tobacco.

The first thing to do while preparing Isfahani tobacco is to separate the leaves and soak them in water until they become soft and pliable. Once the tobacco leaves are soaked the second step is to remove any large stems as they can create a harsh taste and smoke.

After the leaves have been prepared, you can decide which method you will use to smoke your Isfahani.

  • Method One (With a Bowl): Take your prepared Isfahani leaves and break them down further into smaller pieces similar in size and shape to modern flavored shisha tobacco; basically the look and feel of shredded paper. Using a bowl of your choice, load the shredded tobacco leaves in a “fluff” pack until your bowl is full. Lightly press them down without condensing them too tightly so as to not restrict the airflow through the bowl.
  • Method Two (No Bowl): To smoke Isfahani with no bowl you will utilize what is called a “leaf wrap” method. Instead of breaking down the tobacco leaves into small pieces, you’ll stack together large pieces and then wrap them around the bowl stem of your hookah giving them a nice squeeze to ensure they stay in place. They should resemble a short, vertical cigar.

Bowl or no bowl, whatever method you choose to use, you will place your hookah charcoal directly on top of your Isfahani tobacco. That’s right, no foil on your bowl, and a piece or two of charcoal directly on top of your leaf wrap should you go with the second smoking method.

Note: Smoking pure tobacco leaves through a hookah will create “ghosting” or residual flavor in your hookah and hose. It is recommended to have a separate, designated hookah hose for Isfahani. A better practice would be to have a separate hookah as well.

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