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Kaloud Samsaris Lapis Ceramic Bowl

SKU: BTO-Bowl-Kaloud-Samsaris-Lapis

Kicking off a new era of the Kaloud Samsaris bowl series, the Lapis model brings a heavy duty ceramic core to the table. This new bowl design can work with all models of the Kaloud Lotus HMD. The non-porous composistion reduces the chances of strong flavors getting trapped in your bowl, while the spiral design provides increased heat performance and prevents any juice from leaking into your downstem. You can skip the bowl grommet with this design because the silicone exterior will easily fit on any traditional bowl port and it's cool to the touch during your smoke session.

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Welcome to the world of ceramics by Kaloud, this is by far one of the strongest pieces we've seen of this material and we're happy to provide it to you. Crafted with individual flavor chambers allow for unique heating and perfect shisha measurement every time. Central Air Channel allows for more juice (flavor) to stay in the flavor chamber and, more importantly, your puffs. It's made from FDA approved non-toxic silicon so it's safe to use, it won't break if dropped, and can be handled during your session. Super easy to pack and easy to clean. Much cleaner more flavorful puffs. No grommet necessary with most Hookah Stems. You will never experience your sessions in the same way, ever.
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