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Mandarin Citrus Chill Fumari Custom Shisha Mix

SKU: BTO-FUM-100-Pouch-Spring-Custom-Mix

This is the type of shisha mix setup that leaves you with a million delicious combinations, and this is just one of the variations. The Fumari 3 pack gives you a set of citrus based blends with cooling sensations and bright flavors. Make sure to have a phunnel style bowl on standby and lets get started.

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Mandarin Citrus Chill Fumari Custom Shisha Mix

We have concocted this special Springtime mix from some of our favorite Fumari flavors and have dubbed this the Mandarin Citrus Chill Mix. This blend uses 30% of the Lemon Mint flavor and we mix that with 30% Citrus Mint, let's take a moment to smell what we have right here.


Alright, smells pretty good, it's time for the final touches. We're going to take 40% Mandarin Zest and sprinkle this all on top of our blend mint party. Apply your heat and that's a rockstar shisha session.

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