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Melle Mojito Al Fakher Custom Shisha Mix

SKU: BTO-AF-CustomMix-08

When Al Fakher released Mojito as part of their original lineup of flavors, it took several of us by surprise because it wasn't a traditional single note flavor. If you've ever wondered what an Al Fakher lime flavor would taste like, it's all inside the Mojito mix with a splash of sweet cooling mint, but mostly lime.

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Melle Mojito Al Fakher Custom Shisha Mix

The Melle Mojo is created by mixing Mojito and Lemon together before adding the Melon flavor component. The Melon flavoring keeps the bowl from getting too bitter/warm from the Lime & Lemon combo, and brings out a delicious flavor that bounces from being at the forefront to the background throughout your session.


If you want more coolness on the inhale, swap out the Lemon for Lemon Mint.

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