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Minya Party Hookah Bundle

SKU: BTO-Bundle-Minya-Party

Bring out the colors and a new eye catching piece to your living room with our Minya hookah model. Today's bundle is set to have you loaded up of flavor options with endless mixing possibilities. Each session stay fresh and clean with the included diamond shaped molasses catcher, designed to keep the juice out our hookah base. The Minya hookah bundle provides you with:

  • Minya hookah at your color choice
  • 4x 250g Al Fakher Flavors
  • AO Phunnel Bowl
  • 50pcs 40mm Three Kings quick lighting coals
  • Removable ice hose tip

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Smokezilla Minya Hookah

The Smokezilla Minya Black Rainbow is equipped with a click lock, smoke column and bowl can be connected quickly and easily with a quarter turn. The molasses catcher is inserted into the 18/8 grind of the smoke column. This holds back excess molasses, thus keeping the smoke column and bowl clean. The head strainer included in the set prevents tobacco from getting into the shisha, reduces tobacco consumption with improved taste and regulates the heat in the head. The water pipe is equipped with two threads. A diffuser can also be screwed in on the underside.

- Total height with molasses catcher and bowl: approx. 86cm

- Total height with molasses catcher without bowl: approx. 73cm

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