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Mya Aiko Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Mya-Aiko

Mya Aiko Hookah comes packed standard with a matching hose, MYA tongs, a clay bowl, MYA etched plate, and a solid metal stem + a solid glass base in varios colors

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MYA's release, Aiko Hookah with the new MXFunction technology, boasting a new generation of stems featuring the new downstem upgrade. You can now easily clear any stale or harsh smoke from your hookah base with a single breathe. The MX function within the Aiko moves heat and smoke through the purge and bowl port at the same time for increased cool down and a better smoking experience. The Aiko Hookah comes in a variety of color options to choose from to fit most style options. Each Aiko Hookah arrives packed with a matching hose, MYA tongs, a clay bowl, MYA etched coal plate, and a solid metal stem.

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