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Oduman Tarantula Glass Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Oduman-N9-Tarantula

It's a TARANTULA! This base design is a first for our shelves and definitely a hookah to stand out in your collection. The glass hookah sitting on this spider base is the Oduman N8 Voyage hookah. This new stand and led base light almost makes this unrecognizable to it's counterpart.

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Oduman Tarantula Glass Hookah

At the top of the bowl port this hookah stands at 9" and 12" with it resting on the base. If you want get it into party mode just turn on the led light attached to the base underside. You can use just about any bowl from your collection on this traditional bowl port, just make sure you're using the correct bowl grommet.


The bowl port is connected to a proportionally sized down stem that provides a surprisingly comfortable draw for a hookah this size.


The down stem is equipped with a very effective diffuser add-on that keeps your inhale rumble to a minimum. This diffuser can be applied with a couple of twists on the threaded section with the water line 1"-1 1/2" above the add-on.

The included washable silicone hose won't leak any air during your session because it's threaded onto the body of the base. This hose also includes a spring that slips over the end of your hose to prevent any kinks in your inhale.

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