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Pharaohs Xena Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Pharaohs-Xena

Take a gander at the modern hookah design that is out of this world! Brought to you by the Pharaoh's Hookah team, the Xena presents a compact design that measures 15 1/4 inches tall that provides smooth smoke sessions and the same high quality that has built Pharaoh's reputation.

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Pharaohs Xena Hookah

Its CNC machined stem is constructed from stainless steel offering a pipe that resists both rust and corrosion while the threaded assembly makes cleaning a breeze by allowing you to completely disassemble your pipe!


The wide gauge down stem delivers clouds with ease and even features a built in diffuser that works to quiet down your sessions and make them feel smoother. Additionally, the threaded glass base connects to the stem without the need for a traditional rubber grommet delivering a hassle free assembly.


Alongside the modern stem design, threaded construction, and visually appealing multi-color glass base, you will also receive a black Pharaoh's Egyptian hookah bowl, a coal tray, all the necessary grommets you'll need, and most impressively a WASHABLE Pharaoh's Silk hose!

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