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Shisha Kartel Tobacco 50g

SKU: BTO-ShishaKartel-50g

Don't get left in the smoke when the Shisha Kartel collection arrives. Leaders of the new school, we've seen this brand excel in taste testing around the world and utilized user feedback to create these perfect flavor combos. The Shisha Kartel brand is a cool step in a new direction from the creative minds at Al Fakher, and we're excited to launch it to you. This 50g box option gives you the opportunity to explore their full range of flavor options without breaking the bank. The blonde leaf composition allows the brand to be enjoyed by hookah fans at every level of experience. Handcrafted in Dubai, these premium tobacco leaves produce excellent smoke output in any style of hookah bowl and HMD combo. It's up to you to join the crew when one of the biggest releases of 2023 drops, see our flavor descriptions below.

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Shisha Kartel Flavor Descriptions

  • Bullets Or Benjamins - Icy watermelon meets pomegranate and honey dew
  • Capo Dei Capi - One of the wildest blends we've tasted, this is one strong vanilla cream soda float.
  • Guilty Gang - Chilling pear fruit with sweet lemon zest
  • Krazee Kombo - A cooling blend of strawberry and raspberry with an amazing peach iced tea background. Literally a KRAZEE KOMBO!
  • Money Madness - Sweet mocha meets an even sweeter marshmallow to create.....MADNESS
  • Sexy Sheba - Frozen mango pulp blended with passionfruit, it sounds like an awesome smoothie and taste even better.
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