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Starbuzz Serpent Skull Shisha Tobacco

SKU: BTO-SB-Serpent-Skull

Starbuzz Serpent Skull is inspired by the classic double apple shisha, however contains the modern Starbuzz twist. Note quite a "true" double apple shisha, however it is the closest you'll find in the Serpent lineup. The sweetly robust taste of anise (licorice) is the main focus here. This is a dark leaf tobacco, so you can also expect undertones of tobacco and a stronger nicotine buzz.

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Serpent Skull Hookah Tobacco

The Starbuzz Serpent collection has arrived for the fans of dark leaf blends and big buzzes. This lineup features robust kettle cured tobacco cut that delivers a delicious texture with unique flavor mixes. The Serpent blends are handcrafted in California and arrived in a resealable pouch with some of the coolest artwork we've seen.

This dark leaf tobacco can produce a strong buzz and it's recommend that moderate to advance hookah smokers indulge in these tasty blends. Each flavor can be enjoyed in almost any style of hookah bowl in your collection.

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