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Tangiers Kashmir Peach Shisha Tobacco

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Easily one of the best Tangiers flavors on the market is Kashmir Peach, it's also the favorite blend for the creator of Tangiers. This isn't the type of flavor that grows on you because you'll know within a couple puffs if you're about the Kashmir life. This unique spice aroma can only be found within the Tangiers flavor collection. It's sweet and extremely aromatic like potpourri, with a spiced peach exhale.

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Tangiers Kashmir Peach Hookah

Tangiers Tobacco offers different lines of tobacco, each with their own unique characteristics, but each line is made using dark leaf tobacco. This means that no matter which line you choose the tobacco will have a higher nicotine buzz factor than blonde leaf tobaccos. We restock this brand weekly, if you don't see your favorite line in the selection above be sure to check back soon. This tangiers flavor available in the following lines.

Noir Line (Yellow label) : Tangiers Noir is an unwashed tobacco that provides a more robust smoke flavor profile for the experienced smokers. The Tangiers collection is known for creating a strong buzz because of the higher nicotine content, so we caution the use of this brand for beginner smokers.

Birquq Line (Green label) : The Birquq collection has a lower nicotine content than the standard Tangiers flavors, but still provides a stronger buzz against most of the modern shisha brands.

Burley Line (Purple Label): Tangiers Burley is unwashed tobacco similar to the Noir line, which means you get more natural tobacco flavor, but also has a higher nicotine level than the Noir line as well. This results in the added flavorings being less present, while the overall tobacco taste is stronger. The higher nicotine level will result in higher buzz levels, so be careful standing up after a long session.

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