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Trifecta Dark Lavender Mint Shisha Tobacco

SKU: BTO-Trifecta-LavenderMint

Lavender Mint from Trifecta Tobacco's dark leaf blend boasts a creative combination of floral lavender flavors and powerfully cold mint. This creates a mix that gives you an intense cooling sensation throughout while simultaneously providing the earthy, floral tastes of lavender!

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Trifecta Dark Lavender Hookah Tobacco

It's dark, delicious, and delightful. What more could you ask for from Trifecta's dark blend series? This collection of dark leaf tobacco flavors are handmade in small batches here in the USA, with the use of burley tobacco leaves. We don���������������������������t usually recommend this type of tobacco leaf to new hookah smokers unless you���������������������������re seeking a stronger buzz.


The use of burley tobacco provides a great buzz that won't knock you off your rocker if you're an experienced smoker, and can still be enjoyed by moderate hookah smokers.

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