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Trifecta Dark Shisha Super Pack (Choose any 3 X 250g + Natural Charcoal)

SKU: BTO-Trifecta-Dark-250g-x3-Natural

Bust out your favorite bowl and let's get the party started. This Trifecta natural coal pack gives you the gas needed to power any session that's asking for a buzz. Select three of your favorite Trifecta dark leafs blends and then choose your favorite natural coal brand. As long as you have a electric charcoal heater, tasty clouds are in your future.

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Trifecta Dark With Natural Charcoal Super Pack

The use of burley tobacco provides a great buzz that won't knock you off your rocker if you're an experienced smoker, and can still be enjoyed by moderate hookah smokers. Each blend is packed in a resealable jar with your flavor packed inside a 250 gram bag, the uniform jars allow for easy organization or travelling to a friends house.


This series is ready to smoke out of the jar with no need for any acclimation. If you're looking to explore more of the Trifecta flavor menu without a heavy buzz hit, be sure to view their blonde leaf blends.


Trifecta Flavor Descriptions

Arak - It's ANISE & that's all folks
Apple Pie - Green Apple/Cinnamon/Spices
BDH - Melon Blend/Peach
Blueberry - Powerful Blueberry
Cherry Plum - Tart cherry blended with sweet plum
Concord Grape - Robust purple concord grape
Cool Cinnamon Gum - Ice Mint/Sweet Cinnamon
Death By Ice - Moroccan Mint/Peppermint
Deja Dew - Lemon/Lime
Durty Mint - Strong yet sweet peppermint
Earl Grey - Rich Black Tea/Lemon/Bergamot
Enigma - Berries Mix/Herbs/Citrus
Hipster Mint - Natural mint leaf with an earthy undertone and a sweet spearmint finish
Indian Kheer - Cardamom/Cream/Cinnamon/Pistachio
Lavender Mint- Floral/Mint
Lime - Tart Lime
Lychee - Sweet Exotic Fruit
Manzanas - Robust Apple Blend
Morning Glory - Robust Coffee/Cream
Orange Seville Coffee - Orange Rinds/ Coffee Bean
Pearfect - Spiced Pear
Pineapple - Sweet Pineapple
Pulp Friction - Citrus/Fruit
Raspberry - Subtle Sour Notes/ Natural Raspberry
Ruby - Cherry/Berry/Cinnamon
Spumoni - A new addition which has quickly become an office favorite. Heavy notes of amaretto cherry with distinct hints of pistachio and creamy vanilla
The Twist - Melons/Mint/Lemon
TKO - Chocolate/Hazelnut
True Grape - White Grape
Ventura Peach - White Peach/Sweet Peach

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