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Trifecta Pineapple Guava Shisha Tobacco

SKU: BTO-Trifecta-PineappleGuava

A summer time classic, Trifecta's Pineapple Guava is paradise in a can! Sweet pineapple on the inhale, juicy guava on the exhale, and silky smooth clouds all the way through. When your friends say they want something really flavorful that reminds them of sitting on a beach, this is the jar you grab.

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Trifecta Blonde Pineapple Guava Hookah Tobacco

The sweet golden leaves of Trifecta's Blonde shisha tobacco are packed with flavor, and juicy enough for a very cloudy session. This tobacco is a well chopped and juicy modern shisha tobacco that can easily be mixed with several other brands and is something we recommend for smokers of any experience level.


Trifecta blonde tobacco can be prepared like any other golden leaf tobacco by simply filling your bowl loosely to the inner lip, or semi densely packed.

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