What are Reward Points?

Reward Points are a reward for making purchases or participating in activities or promotions sponsored by Hookah and Shisha Central (hookah-shisha.com). Reward Points have no cash value but may redeemed on your next purchase (good as cash). Each Reward Point you use on a purchase gives you even lower prices!

For example, 100 Reward Points = $2 off your next order.
You may log into the "My Account" section of our website to view how many rewards points you have and redeem them during the checkout process on your next purchase.

How do I find out how many Rewards Point I have?

You will be able to determine how many Reward Points you have by signing into your account at hookah-shisha.com. With every purchase you make at Hookah and Shisha Central, your Reward Points will be credited to your account and made viewable in the "My Account" section at hookah-shisha.com. Just log in with your username/password to view how many Reward Points you have accumulated. You may also contact our TollFreeCustomerServiceCenter at 1-866-HOOKAHS (1-866-466-5247) or email us at [email protected]. You must be at least 18 years of age in order to open an account at Hookah and Shisha Central and earn Reward Points.

How do I earn Reward Points?

You earn Reward Points by doing the following:

  • Place an order at hookah-shisha.com. You will receive one Reward Point for every eligible dollar spent on merchandise. If you cancel your order, no Reward Points will be credited.
  • Participate in promotions or other activities that Hookah and Shisha Central offers Reward Points.
  • Refer customers to hookah-shisha.com. You will receive up to 250 Reward Points (equivalent to $5 off your next order) for referring friends, family, or other customers to hookah-shisha.com. The customer that you refer must place a valid order at hookah-shisha.
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