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5 Essential Elements of a Perfect Hookah Session

5 Essential Elements of a Perfect Hookah Session

By danny / August 11, 2023

Smoking hookah is sort of like eating pizza, even when it's not the best it's still better than just about anything else. But how do you go from 'good enough' to a truly perfect hookah session that fully encompasses everything that makes hookah smoking such an enjoyable and relaxing hobby? We think that it's a combination of a few essential elements and, lucky for you, we will be laying all of that out for you in this very blog post. Enjoy!

Essential Element #1: The Perfect Mindset

Closeup of zen garden sand

Nothing can ruin a perfect moment more quickly than a poor mindset. If you are in a bad enough mood even a perfect sunset can be overlooked, and the same can be said for a great hookah session. If you want to have a perfect smoke, the first step is to get your head into a good place. Some people smoke to relieve stress, and that's fine sometimes, but in the perfect scenario the hookah should not be a means to an end, it should be the focus.

Before you go into your next hookah session, take some deep breaths, stretch out your neck and loosen your shoulders to let that stress drain away. Approach every aspect of the session as something you want to be doing, whether it be cleaning the hookah, loading the bowl, lighting the coals, or passing the hose to a good friend. Find your happy place before you smoke and you are on your way to a perfect hookah smoking session.

Essential Element #2: The Perfect Setup

Closeup of pieces of charcoal, shisha, hookah bowl, hookah tongs and hookah base

As we stated before, even a mediocre hookah session is better than most other things, but you'll never have a "perfect" hookah smoke with a bad tasting and bad smoking bowl! So once you've achieved your state of pre-smoke Zen direct your attention to the first job at hand, perfecting your setup. We have covered every single aspect of the hookah set up process before on this blog, so rather than going over everything again we will simply supply some helpful links below for those of you who still have not mastered the intricacies of the hookah set up process. Shisha masters can move on to Element #3.

Essential Element #3: The Perfect Company

Closeup of hands of people holding hookah hoses

Just as important as the hookah flavors you are smoking are the people you are enjoying that flavor with. In order to have a perfect hookah session, you must ensure that you are smoking with a perfect group. Make sure that you are smoking with people that you enjoy being around, and that the people you are smoking with will enjoy it as well. If you have a friend who hogs the hose, tips over hookahs, messes with the coals too much, or is just abrasive and loud, then you know how one bad apple can ruin the session. We have some good reading to pass along to those types of smokers :)

The idea behind any good hookah session should be relaxation, and enjoyment so make sure that your company has the same goal in mind. It should also be noted that sometimes the perfect company can be no company at all. If smoking alone is your thing, then a solo session may be the perfect session for you.

Essential Element #4: The Perfect Environment

Close up of hookah on mountain top

Even with a perfect mindset, a perfect setup, and the perfect company, your hookah session can fall apart if your smoking environment isn't right. Before picking where you smoke, try to think about how you'd like the session to go. Are you planning on a great conversation being part of your smoking session? If so, then make sure that you aren't going to be smoking in a noisy and distracting environment. Do you and your friends love blowing huge clouds and doing smoke tricks? If so, then make sure the lighting is perfect for accentuating those big clouds and impressive smoke rings.

You can take advantage of great weather by smoking outside on a deck or patio, or even in the park. Finally, make sure that everyone smoking is comfortable. No one wants to smoke while sitting on a milk crate or the hard ground. Grab some pillows/cushions and let people get really comfortable for an amazing and memorable hookah session.

Essential Element #5: The Perfect Duration

Closeup of hookah smoke and smoking hookah bowl

Some people like to smoke for 30 minutes and then they are done, while others prefer multi-hour sessions that involve several rounds of coals, and perhaps even several different bowls. For the best sessions, make sure that everyone is on the same page with regards to the length of the session. If half of your group wants to go to the bar after 30 minutes and the other half is just getting started with the hookah, then there will be disharmony and a good session can turn bad in a minute. Remember that hookah smoking is about harmony and relaxation. Keep everyone on the same page and that harmony will flow through everything around you.

Not every hookah smoke has to be perfect, it's simply not possible, but if you want to have more truly memorable experiences with good friends while smoking hookah, then we recommend giving these tips a try. The better your sessions are, the more enjoyment you will get out of your hobby and at the end of that day that's what life is all about.

Happy Smoking!

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